Fox Sparrow

Not Another Little Brown Bird – Fox Sparrow

Jack is a birding enthusiast, not a die-hard birder, so he lumps most sparrows and wrens together as another little brown bird. But yesterday when he opened the window shutters he knew that the bird he was looking at was special enough to ask, “what kind of little brown bird are you?” Which translates into: Christine have I seen this bird before?

There, beneath our most concealed feeder was a gorgeous little bird with rich brown and gray feathers and a boldly striped white chest. I guessed Fox Sparrow and consulting the field guide confirmed it, including the notation that Fox Sparrows will often befriend flocks of White-Throated Sparrows—one of those was there too.

This guy was passing through – likely headed to northern Canada to breed after a winter respite in the southeastern US perhaps. Jack’s sure he saw two Fox Sparrows. I saw only one but was so transfixed on it I could have easily missed others.

It’s a Lifer Bird for me. Lifer birds make any day great.

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