Bluebird Nest Cam Video

Bluebirds. Inside and Out.

Yesterday it finally snowed on the daffodils so now we can be officially done with the white stuff for the season. It also snowed on, well, everything. I set up to capture some video of the Bluebirds in the snow and simultaneously recorded the goings-on inside the house. Here’s a fun glimpse into our little Bluebird Nation:

I try to post at least one new Nest Cam video everyday. Watch from the very beginning of nest building here.

Father Bluebird feeding mother, who then feeds babies.

Eating and Feeding (video)

Mom eats eggshell as the fourth and final hatchling emerges. And dad brings mom some fresh kill to feed to their new family.

The First Baby Bluebird Hatching from Egg

Here They Come! (video)

The first of the four eggs hatched this afternoon! And it was just like in the cartoons! 😉

Breaking into the world is hard, no matter the animal. Happy little first-born seems to want two things: to get the shell off his head, and maybe some grub.

Watch and you’ll see mom remove the eggshell. Last year I captured mom eating the shell.