Last updated [APRIL 24,2021] (I started on the 22nd, but it was so excruciatingly tedious that I kept putting off finishing.)

INTRODUCTION may use cookies, web beacons, tracking pixels, and other tracking technologies (not on purpose, I swear) when you visit our website, including any other media form, media channel, mobile website, or mobile application related or connected thereto (collectively, the “Site”) to help customize the Site and improve your experience.

We (that would be the Royal we, as it’s just me. Well, and occasionally, the cat) reserve the right to make changes to this Cookie Policy at any time and for any reason. We will alert you about any changes by updating the “Last Updated” date of this Cookie Policy. Any changes or modifications will be effective immediately upon posting the updated Cookie Policy on the Site, and you waive the right to receive specific notice of each such change or modification.

You are encouraged to periodically review this Cookie Policy to stay informed of updates. But you never will, will you? I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t ever look at this page ever again if I didn’t have to. Nonetheless, you will be deemed to have been made aware of, will be subject to, and will be deemed to have accepted the changes in any revised Cookie Policy by your continued use of the Site after the date such revised Cookie Policy is posted.


A “cookie” is a tasteless, indigestible string of information which assigns you a unique identifier that we store on your computer. Your browser then provides that unique identifier to use each time you submit a query to the Site. We use cookies to, among other things (like placate our relentless need for love and acceptance,) keep track of services you have used, record registration information, record your user preferences, keep you logged into the Site, facilitate purchase procedures, and track the pages you visit. Cookies help us understand how the Site is being used and improve your user experience. No, not really. The only way cookies might improve your user experience would if you were able to eat them—without gaining weight.

The following types of cookies may be used when you visit the Site—If I could, I’d give you the choice or get brownies instead. Or Cheezitz. Because sometimes you need salty, not sweet. Am I right?

Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies are placed on your computer by advertisers and ad servers in order to display advertisements that are most likely to be of interest to you. These cookies allow advertisers and ad servers to gather information about your visits to the Site and other websites, alternate the ads sent to a specific computer, and track how often an ad has been viewed and by whom. These cookies are linked to a computer and do not gather any personal information about you. (But the above paragraph should fill you with angst. It does me. Maybe read it again and remember it the next time you’re wasting more click-happy time on Facebook.)

Analytics Cookies

Analytics cookies monitor how users reached the Site, and how they interact with and move around once on the Site. These cookies let us know what features on the Site are working the best and what features on the Site can be improved. This is the only part I have a modicum of interest in, because it’s really about me. What parts of me did you like most? A bluebird video? A poem? A silly little doodle?

Our Cookies

Our cookies are “first-party cookies”, and can be either permanent or temporary. These are necessary cookies, without which the Site won’t work properly or be able to provide certain features and functionalities. Some of these may be manually disabled in your browser, (Do this in your browser security settings. Block cookies and trackers. I do.) but may affect the functionality of the Site. (It hasn’t yet.)

Personalization Cookies

Personalization cookies are used to recognize repeat visitors to the Site. We use these cookies to record your browsing history, the pages you have visited, and your settings and preferences each time you visit the Site.

Security Cookies

Security cookies help identify and prevent security risks. (Should I be concerned about you?) We use these cookies to authenticate users and protect user data from unauthorized parties. (Have not had and unauthorized party since I was like fourteen. And that wasn’t worth it when I take into account the clean up afterward.)

Site Management Cookies

Site management cookies are used to maintain your identity or session on the Site so that you are not logged off unexpectedly, and any information you enter is retained from page to page. These cookies cannot be turned off individually, but you can disable all cookies in your browser. (Again. Do this.)

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies may be place on your computer when you visit the Site by companies that run certain services we offer. These cookies allow the third parties to gather and track certain information about you. These cookies can be manually disabled in your browser. (Especially do this!)

[I don’t have any Other. This is how you discover I am using a cookie policy template. Had these really been my policies there’d be a whole lot more mention of chocolate. And peanut butter.]

Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. However, you can remove or reject cookies in your browser’s settings. Please be aware that such action could affect the availability and functionality of the Site. Currently there is no functionality in my site. We—the cat and me—simply post things of interest usually to only the cat and me. I’m not trying to sell you anything and I don’t give two spitz about where else in the interwebs you have or do travel. I’m mildly interested in how you found me and what you enjoy while you’re here, but really, only mildly. And beyond that I just want everyone to play nice together and love bluebirds as much as I do.

For more information on how to control cookies, check your browser or device’s settings for how you can control or reject cookies, or visit the following links:

In addition, you may opt-out of some third-party cookies through the Network Advertising Initiative’s Opt-Out Tool. <- – I LOVE this idea but I just tried it and it was pretty useless for me. Apparently my own more-uptight-than-a-(fill-in your own blank) browser cookie settings made it impossible to receive an opt out cookie. Oh the irony.

In addition to cookies, we may use web beacons, pixel tags, and other tracking technologies on the Site to help customize the Site and improve your experience. A “web beacon” or “pixel tag” is tiny object or image embedded in a web page or email. They are used to track the number of users who have visited particular pages and viewed emails, and acquire other statistical data. They collect only a limited set of data, such as a cookie number, time and date of page or email view, and a description of the page or email on which they reside. Web beacons and pixel tags cannot be declined. However, you can limit their use by controlling the cookies that interact with them. (Other than sending an occasional email using Mailchimp—and only if I’m really bored as they’re a pain in the ass to assemble—I, um, I mean WE, don’t intentionally do anything with beacons or pixel tags.)

For more information about how we use information collected by cookies and other tracking technologies, please refer to our Privacy Policy posted on the Site. (I will be searching for a template for one of those as soon as I am done here.) This Cookie Policy is part of and is incorporated into our Privacy Policy. By using the Site, you agree to be bound by this Cookie Policy and our Privacy Policy. What? Okay so is THAT the most circular statement you’ve read today? I’m sorry. Really, I’m sorry that we live in a world where corporations can know more about you than your mother ever will and that congress, really benefits by voting to keep it that way.

If you have questions or comments about this Cookie Policy, please contact us. And if it’s not too much to ask, include a drawing, or a poem.

Best regards,
Christine and Savannah (whose name I can only divulge because I’ve never used it as a password)