Huge Mother Skunker

This is what happens when you use a bigger trap than you need trying to catch a pair of delinquent red squirrels, and then forgetfully leave it out overnight. (Learn from me friends!)

After several minutes of staring at it and cussing like a longshoreman, a call into the game warden provided guidance. I don’t know what provided the courage to actually try his suggestion.

It never occurred to me that the nocturnal critter would have no interest in exiting in the middle of the day. After I opened the door, it turned right around and went back to sleep. It slept for more than an hour before it was awakened by a truck using engine breaks and finally wandered out, taking its own sweet time. Easily the biggest skunk I’ve ever seen. I watched it burrow into the brush pile, where it spent the day. I will not be trying to film it when it re-emerges.

I will not be leaving the traps out overnight. skunk

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