Last Minute Fussing?

The female continues to fuss with final nursery preparations. Bringing in more grasses to fill out the center of the nest. The male still acts as supervisor, showing up at whim, removing pieces of grass that don’t please him and generally messing things up. 😉

Unlike our couple for the past few years, this pair seems younger and more tentative. Also, we were able to tell when last year’s female was carrying an egg—she became visibly bottom heavy, or barrel-chested. We’ve not seen any of sign like that in the current female but it may simply be because she’s not yet ready to lay. She constantly flies to the male and assumes the mating position. He flies off and she follows. I’ve read that Bluebird mating is rarely witnessed so maybe they went off and got a room somewhere. (Hoping!) Still optimistic that we’ll be seeing the first 2021 eggs soon.

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