Meanwhile in Florida…and sadly everywhere-elsewhere

So, I get a text from a good friend (and model) this morning sharing a screenshot from her phone of Facebook asking if she would like to tag herself in a photo some stranger posted. Creepy that facial recognition doesn’t even need to see your whole face, but that’s not even the only problem. (Go ahead, ask me how much I don’t miss Facebook.)

She opted not to be tagged, though it is her in the photo. I took the image when she was about 15 and it’s been popular in my portfolio. I’ve seend it used in lots of editorial and ads depicting disengaged, bored teenagers.

But look what the billboard is for! OMG! If she wasn’t an amazing woman (now 31) and didn’t have an incredible sense of self I’d be even more mortified for her than I am…as it is we’re both cracking up, about the usage, not the message. The message make us both wince. A reminder that it’s not enough to wish incest and sexual abuse weren’t even possibly a thing.

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