Proud Papa (video)

I awoke yesterday just after the third of the four babies and caught Dad coming in to meet his newest offspring.

Here They Come! (video)

The first of the four eggs hatched this afternoon! And it was just like in the cartoons! 😉

The Spring Chill (video)

The daffodils get snowed on at least once each spring, so while we didn’t get any measurable snow I’m hoping that yesterday’s frigid temperatures were the required spring slap back to winter, reminding us not to get ahead of ourselves. The Bluebirds and eggs took it like birds and appear to be fine. There was […]

Egg Rolls (video)

Other than mama sitting on the nest, there’s not much happening in Bluebirdville right now. Today I got a peek of her rolling each egg before she settled in for a little motherly warmth. I haven’t yet calculated the estimated hatch dates but I’m looking forward to the arrival of our mini dinosaurs.

Number Four Dropped Today

I spent a lot of time watching and videoing Mama Blue this morning and happened to catch the instant she laid the fourth. Will we make five? Tune in tomorrow bird friends!


I’m hoping for Quintuplets, but I’m happy with these three for now! Today I watched momma sitting on the nest and turning the eggs. I’ll post the video later. It’s later:

The Best Kind of Easter Eggs

So now we have siblings. 😉 Remember you can see all of the nest building action here. And everyday Bluebirds life here.


Finally, little miss-I’ll-lay-when-I’m-good-and-ready gave up the first egg this morning. I didn’t get video of it, nor of the whacky happy dance I burst into upon discovering it!

Still Waiting. Patiently?

Anyone who knows me will tell you how deeply I appreciate schedules. I like to know when when is. I’m perfectly good with change, I’d just prefer a heads up. Clearly no one alerted Mrs. and Mr. Bluebird. I think they’re toying with me. Really, I have no clue what this year’s couple is up […]

Last Minute Fussing?

The female continues to fuss with final nursery preparations. Bringing in more grasses to fill out the center of the nest. The male still acts as supervisor, showing up at whim, removing pieces of grass that don’t please him and generally messing things up. 😉 Unlike our couple for the past few years, this pair […]

It Takes a Village

This morning I was observing our current Bluebird couple as they sat several branches apart on a naked Lilac bush a few feet from the nest box. They’re still doing the mating dance of the female flattening her back and shaking her trunk at him. The male flying off. The female chasing after him. When […]

The Equivalent of Buying Her Dinner

I occurred to me today that I hadn’t taken any actual photos of this year’s Bluebirds yet, so I grabbed the camera and headed outside. The female was on the house as I turned the corner around the studio building. I immediately aimed it at her and focused. At that very second the male brought […]