Celebrating Step-Father’s Day

I spent the better part of yesterday and this morning cursing the new male who’s been hovering around the nest for the last two days or so since the father of the current brood disappeared. I cursed him for having the gall to appear at all during such a challenging time (for both the female […]

The Deep Heartbreaking Blues.

While we were away these last two days I noticed whenever I peeked into the bluebird nest on my phone I was only seeing the mother feeding the nestlings. The second brood (from a new pair,) now about six days old, looked frail and shaky, hardly able to keep their heads lifted, but still cried […]

Another Family

The first egg of the season’s second brood (with new parents) was laid bright and early this morning, before I’d even had the chance to upload videos of the nest building! The first of which is shown below. It feels new every time!

Bluebirds of Unhappiness

This last week has been heartbreaking in Bluebirdville. The good news is that all four hatchlings are alive and well at least as of this morning. But they’re orphans. I’ve been trying to write about the loss of the father, only days after the loss of the mother, but words are being strangled by a […]

But I Do.

Mother Blue appears to be gone, there’s been no sign of her since late Tuesday afternoon. My heart’s a little heavy. Okay, not a little. I have a video clip of her in the empty nestbox, apparently surveying my post-fledge cleaning skills. In the clip she looks right at the camera and pecks it like […]

One, Two, Three…gone in less than five. And then there’s Number Four. (videos)

Woohoo! My wish was granted! The four little feathered ones were still in the nest box when we returned from our week of Cape May birding. I peeked in on my phone, like every ten minutes—the whole trip home—with fingers crossed. Once home, I didn’t bother to unload anything from the car that wasn’t a […]

Eager to Exit – Maybe Not.

After six glorious days of bird chasing we left Cape May mid-morning and the first thing I did was check the nest cam. Based on my math, the littles were likely to leave today. After seeing this, on my first peek into the nest, I was sure of it.

Busy Day in the Box (video)

The hatchlings are starting to be more active, though they do still fall over in food comas after most feedings. In this video you see that, plus you can see the tufts of feathers on their heads and the teensy tine feathers on their wings and body. Watch Dad bring mom a squirmy worm to […]

Becoming Birds (video)

Every morning I peek into the nest (via my phone) and the first thing I do is try to count beaks. Sometimes I have to wait until a feeding when all the beaks are plainly, comically visible. I don’t fully exhale until I see four needy mouths. So far, four everyday. 🙂 I was shocked […]

This Just Cracks Me Up. (video)

Every time I watch this I lose it. I can’t even stop laughing enough to type about it.

Bluebirds. Inside and Out.

Yesterday it finally snowed on the daffodils so now we can be officially done with the white stuff for the season. It also snowed on, well, everything. I set up to capture some video of the Bluebirds in the snow and simultaneously recorded the goings-on inside the house. Here’s a fun glimpse into our little […]

Eating and Feeding (video)

Mom eats eggshell as the fourth and final hatchling emerges. And dad brings mom some fresh kill to feed to their new family.