Birdly Wisdom

I don’t normally quote pop icons, but after watching Ru Paul’s Masterclass while on the treadmill, a couple of comments he made stuck with me. This was one. A sad one. I incorporated it into my Daily Doodle.

People over 50 watching their bird feeder

Damn Straight!

And it’s not restricted to their own feeder. Any feeder will do. Love this time of year!

Mother Eastern Bluebird rolling four eggs in the nest box

Egg Rolls (video)

Other than mama sitting on the nest, there’s not much happening in Bluebirdville right now. Today I got a peek of her rolling each egg before she settled in for a little motherly warmth.

I haven’t yet calculated the estimated hatch dates but I’m looking forward to the arrival of our mini dinosaurs.

Bluebird laying egg video

Number Four Dropped Today

I spent a lot of time watching and videoing Mama Blue this morning and happened to catch the instant she laid the fourth. Will we make five? Tune in tomorrow bird friends!


I’m hoping for Quintuplets, but I’m happy with these three for now! Today I watched momma sitting on the nest and turning the eggs. I’ll post the video later.

It’s later:

Two Bluebird Eggs

The Best Kind of Easter Eggs

So now we have siblings. 😉

Remember you can see all of the nest building action here. And everyday Bluebirds life here.


Finally, little miss-I’ll-lay-when-I’m-good-and-ready gave up the first egg this morning. I didn’t get video of it, nor of the whacky happy dance I burst into upon discovering it!

Under The Feeder

File under: Huh? The Missing Missal Mystery

During a recent text my cousin in Connecticut typed that her mom swore she had a bible from 1964 with my husbands name in it. Jack missing a bible? Unlikely, I replied. Bibles never held a position of importance in my husband’s life. Maybe it was another Jack? But she said her mom was certain that it had his name. His full name and an address.

The next day she texted a photo. Sure enough, that was Jack’s name. And his childhood address. In Michigan. She kindly sent us the book and yesterday Jack opened it. “I remember this…” he said before even opening the cover. He held it in his hands that split second it takes for memory to whirl you around and then deposit you back into the present. I was, in fact, his childhood missal. I’m not sure what he thought about as he held the book but he was definitely somewhere else and it seemed someplace pleasant.

The book itself is beautiful and I’d have remembered us having it. We don’t know, and may never know how in god’s name my husband’s Mass Missal from Michigan wound up in the hands of my cousin in Connecticut. But that’s what mystery and faith are about isn’t it.

Snowy Owl

Thanks to a heads up from Kate, we were able to view a Snowy Owl only fifteen minutes from home. It was another Lifer Bird for me and Jack hadn’t seen one since he was eight or nine, living in Michigan. It was magnificent.