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Bluebirds. Inside and Out.

Yesterday it finally snowed on the daffodils so now we can be officially done with the white stuff for the season. It also snowed on, well, everything. I set up to capture some video of the Bluebirds in the snow and simultaneously recorded the goings-on inside the house. Here’s a fun glimpse into our little […]

Meanwhile In Other Birds

The lovable locals that have spent the winter dining and socializing with us seem happy to be enjoying some more clement weather, at least in spurts. These are a couple from The Nikon Coolpix P-1000 while I was sitting on the deck.

Another Astrophotography Duet

With the moon brighter than we’d like, Jack and I attempted another capture of the Whirlpool Galaxy during an clear spell a couple of nights ago. Instead taking one long exposure like we did the first go, we shot several shorter frames (about 30 seconds each) and then used stacking software to assemble more than […]

It’s Zippy! It’ Zingy! It’s Zhug!

I just learned about this Yemeni treat a last week from a Dana Farber nutritionist and it’s my new, and perhaps permanent, favorite thing. This simple condiment has so far, transformed, or dare I say transcended, my white bean and kale quesadillas, avocado toast (twice,) a baked potato, and an egg sandwich. If you like […]

Favorite Weekend Frames

The weather for the first half of the weekend was less than cooperative to birding or photos: steady, ice cold, but needed, welcomed rain. The second day was more hospitable to both birds and me with intermittent sunshine and light winds. The Nikon Coolpix P-1000 continues to tease me with its potential and then slaps […]

Meet Savannah

This is Savannah. Otherwise known as Princess. And she’s a little miffed right now over how much attention I’m paying to all the birds that I won’t let her stalk. She’s a, needy, vocal, ultra-neurotic indoor cat with outdoor privileges; she can go out when we do. She’s a surprisingly skilled mouser, and thankfully not […]