Genius for a day. Or not.

NYT-Spelling Bee Genius

I learned that I do not know enough words that include the letters


I am addicted to the daily NY Times Game Spelling Bee, so much so that I subscribe (translate: pay extra.)

I use it with their other games to help keep the synapses firing and not to sound braggy, I regularly score somewhere in the Genius level, at the very least Awesome. Until yesterday. Yesterday I capped out at Great. Great? Really? Not even Amazing? Great sucks.

The goal of Spelling Bee is simple: create as many words as possible with the seven letters provided. You can used each letter multiple times but each word must include the designated letter. In the case of yesterday’s puzzle, A.

The unchecked words below are all the words I did not get – and 99% of them I don’t even know. Laical? Bacilli?

Do you know some of these words? If so I will not be inviting you to play competitively, which I’m considering 🙂

New York Times Spelling Bee Addiction
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